Nathalie van der Straten - Folkersma


Nathalie van der Straten - Folkersma (1996 NL), photographer and visual artist, graduated in 2020 from the photography department at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

As a maker, I assume a role of creator. I work intuitively and subjects arise in the process of experimenting, making, and researching. Partly because of my faith I see creation as something lofty and I find it interesting where man interferes with this nature. I get my inspiration from this manipulated and cultivated nature. From special shapes and colors, details, and structure. It catches my attention when it has something unknown, something that is alienating to me. With photographic material, I make new images where the old image is often no longer recognizable. For this, I use different techniques, such as Photoshop, drawings, scans, modeling, or 3D software. I play with the limits of recognition in a new distorted image.


Now Currently on view at the Voorstraat, Utrecht | Life carries on, Endlessly  

2021 Fotodok, Utrecht | 8 - 12 September

2021  Kunstliefde, Utrecht | 5 June - 4 July

2021  Fotofestival Naarden, Galerie Pouloeuff | 3 July - 29 August

2020 HKU Photography Graduation Show, FOTODOK, Utrecht

2020 Kunst van het Geloven, een veelheid van vormen, Sambeek - Part of several exhibitions by artists in different chapels around Boxmeer

2019 Group exhibition: The Sponge, The Clay, The Brick, The Bridge, Unseen Amsterdam - In collaboration with KABK and Rietveld

2019 The Journey of Leo de Boer, Een Onvergetelijk Gezicht, Hogeschool Utrecht - Group exhibition intermedia project HKU, part of the book team

2018 Naaktheid, Utrecht - Short solo-exposition


2020 Resurrecting Foods, Graduation project

Awards / Nominations

2020 Keep an Eye Photography Stipendium - Winner 

2020 Blurring the Lines - Longlisted


2016-2020 Photography, Bachelor of Design, HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht

2015-2016 Broad Foundation Course - HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht


2019 Koen Hauser, Leiden - Assistant photographer

Commissioned work

2018 - Present Evangelische Omroep, Hilversum - Photography, illustrations

2020 Realitrees, Capelle aan den Ijssel - Photography

2020 Funeral market, Harmelen- Graphic design

2019 Stichting Gave - photography 

2019 Uitvaartbegeleiding van der Straten - Corporate identity, photography and graphic design

2018 In de Schuur - Corporate identity, graphic design

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